Mesh reuse and simulation extension

Mesh reuse and simulation extension

Mesh reuse and simulation extension functionalities This tutorial is based on the glider plane SimWorks tutorial to analyse the mesh reuse capability of SimWorks which allows to duplicate a completed simulation, change some parameters and complete a new simulation without the need to repeat the long meshing phase. Also we will cover the possibility within SimWorks of extending a completed […]

Rotating mesh CFD analysis

Rotating mesh CFD analysis In many engineering applications it is important to simulate the flow around a rotating component. Typical applications are the simulation of flow around propellers, wind turbines or mixing vessels.   This tutorial shows the application of the rotating mesh CFD analysis to the simulation of a mixing vessel and the impact the […]

Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) CFD analysis

Rotating mesh CFD analysis using the MRF approach We have seen in the Mixing Vessel tutorial how to setup a physical mesh rotation of the impeller in the mixing vessel. While this is the best approach to simulate rotating bodies,  it is also computationally expensive. If we are more interested in the effect of the […]

Porous media in a pipe

Porous media to simulate a filter placed inside a pipe In many engineering applications porous media like radiators, filters or vents in the flow will create a blockage or a pressure drop on the flow itself. While i is possible to model them explicitly meshing every detail of the element, this would require an extremely […]

2D CFD analysis of internal flows

2D CFD analysis SimWorks cannot perform pure 2D CFD analysis, however it is possible to run a quasi-2D simulation using an extruded 3D geometry and a specific set of boundary conditions on the outer domain. Moreover, it is possible to use an outer domain smaller than the geometry itself to define an internal flow analysis, […]

CFD analysis of pipe flow

cfd analysis of pipe flow

CFD analysis of a pipe flow This tutorial shows how to run a CFD analysis of the flow inside a pipe with multiple inlets using our free CFD software SimWorks. The tutorial will guide you in the setup of the simulation of a pipe with different inlets. The results will show the local pressure distribution […]

Truck side skirts simulation

truck side skirts cfd simulation

Truck side skirts simulation The truck skirts simulation tutorial looks at the effect of adding side skirts to a typical semi-trailer truck. The simulation is carried using our Computational Fluid Dynamics software SimWorks. Before continuing with this tutorial, we recommend to read and complete at least one base SimWorks advanced tutorial to familiarise with the […]

CFD simulation of drag coefficient of a sphere

sphere drag coefficient CFD analysis

Drag coefficient of a sphere – CFD analysis The drag coefficient of a sphere is calculated using a CFD analysis. The flow around the sphere detaches forming a rear wake which contributes to the high levels of the sphere drag coefficient, typically around 0.2 to 0.5: Sphere wake – CFD simulation completed with SimWorks The […]

Fume extraction simulation

fume extraction simulation using cfd software simworks manager

Fume extraction simulation tutorial Fume extraction is an important topic for the environmental health in a city. A Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation can effectively calculate the effectiveness of the solution chosen and predict in a reliable way the fume pattern and whether it will hit other buildings or affect pedestrians. Once this phase is completed […]

Wind load on buildings

wind loads on buildings

Wind load on buildings The wind load on high rise building is calculated using the Cimputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) free software SimWorks. The analysed building is part of a complex of buildings with a shorter one just in front of it. In this case the interaction between the two buildings is important in calculating the […]