What we do

IdealSimulations can help engineering companies and professionals to embed CFD simulations in their design and development process. We can introduce modelling tools and simulation process to streamline the design steps and automate the analysis and reporting of results. 

We aim to design bespoke software that adapts to the engineer’s needs and not the opposite. Therefore, we have developed SimWorks, a CFD software to help engineers and designers run CFD simulations in a streamlined and efficiency way. SimWorks is an integrated CFD simulations manager that brings process and automation to the engineering design. We offer a free version and a commercial version of SimWorks.

How we can help

For a business that is new to CFD modelling and simulation, we can offer easy, hands on CFD training to your design engineers to illustrate the advantages of computer modelling and analysis in design, in particular to test new concepts and optimise a product at a faster and cheaper rate than physical manufacturing and experimental testing.

For a company that already uses modelling software and has in-house expertise, we can introduce bespoke tools for automation and management simulations, to achieve accountability and repeatability of the simulations, freeing your engineers time to focus on the design and not waste it in dealing with complex setups, changing settings, tuning parameters and so on. 

For a company that already has extensive in-house expertise and advanced users, we can develop bespoke tools for specific needs in pre/post-processing, meshing, CFD model tuning, design of experiments, optimisation and data analysis to build insight into your use of simulation and improve your modelling and correlation.

How we can work together

We can develop software tools that can be used on site directly by your engineers with full control: desktop applications or on site cloud applications, as well as cloud services solutions. We can offer remote and on site support when required.

Please feel free to contact us for every query you may have. 

Try the free version of SimWorks or contact us to find out more