SimWorks is Free

We are committed to keep SimWorks free in the foreseeable future and introduce new features and updates. To further enhance our commitment, SimWorks does not require any licensing or registration details to download and use it.

SimWorks is Unrestricted

SimWorks is unrestricted in usage and time. There are no limitations in the number of cells, so you can test it on problems of any size.

SimWorks is Transparent

SimWorks writes text files after the pre-processing phase called dictionaries, which are required by the solver OpenFOAM®* to mesh and run the CFD simulation. Those dictionaries and the case data structure are consistent with the native OpenFOAM® format and are compatible with the most recent OpenFOAM® versions provided by OpenCFD Limited.
We encourage the use of SimWorks to carry out CFD simulations directly in OpenFOAM® both for learning purposes and in its professional use. We have also created tutorials to support the learning of both SimWorks and OpenFOAM®.

SimWorks guarantees access to the simulation dictionaries. The user is allowed to modify the dictionaries to learn about the simulation settings or to update the setup manually before running the simulation. The results can still be analysed with SimWorks post-processing functionalities.

SimWorks Manager

We designed SimWorks Manager to expand the SimWorks capabilities and extend it with additional features. While SimWorks is designed for individual CFD projects and to learn about CFD modelling with OpenFOAM® , SimWorks Manager is developed around the concept of managing, running and analysing multiple simulations at the same time, as required by the industrial process. 

SimWorks Manager also comes with technical and engineering support and we can provide bespoke training services on our Products.

Additional Services

SimWorks Manager has been designed to be extended and personalised. Upon request, we can adapt the main features of SimWorks Manager to specific industrial needs and create a fully bespoke software product. 

For example we can develop bespoke tools for pre- and post-processing, for model preparation, meshing setup, CFD model tuning, design of experiments, optimisation and data analysis to build insight into your use of simulation and improve your modelling and correlation.

Please contact us for mode details or discuss your software requirements.

*None of the OpenFOAM® related products and services offered by IdealSimulations LTD are approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OpenFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks

Try our free CFD software SimWorks, no registration required or contact us to find out more

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