About us

We are IdealSimulations – a small engineering consulting business specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions and software development.

We have 20+ years of combined experience in aerodynamic design, CAE modelling,  CFD simulations and software development, in both academia and industry. With a background in Aerospace and Mechanical engineering, we worked in aerodynamic design for the motorsport industry, we developed advanced CFD models and designed software and tools for managing and automating the CFD process from CAD definition to results analysis. We decided to start IdealSimulations to bring our expertise to the needs of wider engineering industries and help companies integrate CFD modelling and process automation to their product development cycle.

Leveraging open-source technologies, IdealSimulations offers tailored innovative solutions for CFD and CAE design process: a ready-made one-stop CFD  software called SimWorks to run CFD simulations from geometry definition to results with the capability of managing and automating CFD simulations of industrial scale engineering problems.

We aim to develop our software in close collaboration with our clients and partners to deliver a truly bespoke tool, which adapts the business needs. With our extensive expertise in design and simulations, we can help you fine tune the setting and parameters to get the most out of your simulations. 

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IdealSimulations is a trading name of FB CFD Solutions, a business registered in Italy with VAT No. IT03214430591.