CFD modelling is a key tool in the transport industry and is widely used for a variety of applications, from external aerodynamics to passenger comfort, thermal management and engine development. 

External Aerodynamics

Tighter emission requirements have reshaped the automotive sector in recent years leading to a big push to reduce aerodynamic resistance (drag), which is also a key player for extending the range of Electric Vehicles (EV). The aerodynamics of a car can be significantly improved by adapting the shape of the body and the frontal area, but also by optimising many details like rear view mirrors, wheel arches geometry or design details of the rear window. With the same approach CFD analysis is helping in defining aerodynamic devices to reduce the drag of heavy transport vehicles playing an important role in fuel consumption reduction and overall efficiency increase.

CFD model of a motorbike highlighting the wake structures behind it

Wake structures behind a motorbike and velocity near the surface 

CFD modelling is an indispensable tool to analyse the aerodynamic efficiency, to understand the flow structures and how to control them in order to achieve the ideal design. Out free CFD software SimWorks can be used to quickly iterate through different designs as well as easily run sweeps of parameters, for example on onset flow conditions and geometrical parameters.

CFD analyis

CFD modelling allows a deeper understanding of flow structures around the body. Optimising and controlling the flow around the chassis will help design a vehicle with lower drag, which directly converts into fuel savingsSimWorks lets you effectively iterate through different geometrical design as well as run sweeps of attitudes to assess the aerodynamic performance of the vehicles in its operating conditions. Studying the aerodynamic response of a design in different driving conditions allows to assess the overall aerodynamic stability avoiding aerodynamic stalls and in general improving the vehicle safety

Moreover, SimWorks allows also to easily compare different designs in multiple conditions helping the designer to identify solutions to potential weaknesses

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