Truck aerodynamics simulation

truck aerodynamics simulation

Truck aerodynamics simulation The truck aerodynamics simulation tutorial is completed using SimWorks, which is available to download for free. The tutorial assumes you are already familiar with some basic functionalities of SimWorks, therefore we recommend to complete first at least one of the base level tutorials available. The objectives of this simulation are to evaluate the […]

Emergency room simulation

emergency room simulation

Emergency room simulation An emergency room is designed to house several patients at the same time. It is important to be able to assess and minimise the dispersion of airborne pathogens inside the emergency room to avoid the spreading of diseases. A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is carried out to simulate how the pathogen […]

Negative and positive pressure rooms CFD simulation

negative pressure room CFD simulation

Negative and positive pressure room CFD simulation A CFD analysis of the interaction between a positive pressure room and a negative pressure room on a typical hospital floor is presented. A negative pressure room is designed to prevent a contaminant from spreading to other parts of the building by having only flow coming into the […]