Mesh reuse and simulation extension

Mesh reuse and simulation extension

Mesh reuse and simulation extension functionalities This tutorial is based on the glider plane SimWorks tutorial to analyse the mesh reuse capability of SimWorks which allows to duplicate a completed simulation, change some parameters and complete a new simulation without the need to repeat the long meshing phase. Also we will cover the possibility within SimWorks of extending a completed […]

Rotating mesh CFD analysis

Rotating mesh CFD analysis In many engineering applications it is important to simulate the flow around a rotating component. Typical applications are the simulation of flow around propellers, wind turbines or mixing vessels.   This tutorial shows the application of the rotating mesh CFD analysis to the simulation of a mixing vessel and the impact the […]

Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) CFD analysis

Rotating mesh CFD analysis using the MRF approach We have seen in the Mixing Vessel tutorial how to setup a physical mesh rotation of the impeller in the mixing vessel. While this is the best approach to simulate rotating bodies,  it is also computationally expensive. If we are more interested in the effect of the […]

Porous media in a pipe

Porous media to simulate a filter placed inside a pipe In many engineering applications porous media like radiators, filters or vents in the flow will create a blockage or a pressure drop on the flow itself. While i is possible to model them explicitly meshing every detail of the element, this would require an extremely […]

2D CFD analysis of internal flows

2D CFD analysis SimWorks cannot perform pure 2D CFD analysis, however it is possible to run a quasi-2D simulation using an extruded 3D geometry and a specific set of boundary conditions on the outer domain. Moreover, it is possible to use an outer domain smaller than the geometry itself to define an internal flow analysis, […]

SimWorks Advanced Introduction

Introduction to SimWorks (advanced features) This tutorial introduced some new functionalities of SimWorks and expands what has been already described in the SimWorks introduction tutorial. If you have not done it yet, we strongly recommend reading the introduction tutorial before proceeding futher. Create a new simulation Create a single simulation within a Geometry In the […]

SimWorks security

Our customer’s security and confidence in our products is a top priority for us. Please find below all the steps we have taken to make sure that our company, the website, our data, and the software products we provide are fully secure. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact […]

Delta wing aerodynamics simulation

Delta wings aerodynamics is based on vortex induced lift rather than the classis flow speed difference between the suction side and the pressure side of a conventional profile. Delta wings are typically of simple triangular shape and mostly flat plates, when a delta wing incidence is increased the underside pressure is increased with respect to […]

SimWorks postprocessing with ParaView

ParaView is a free and open-source software devoted to data analysis and visualisation, it can be used to analyse CFD results carried out with OpenFOAM. You can download it from the official website, it is a very powerful software to carry out custom data visualisation and analysis. It can be used to create iso-surfaces, streamlines […]

Best CFD software tutorials

best CFD software tutorials

Best CFD software tutorials for beginners Learning Computational Fluid Dynamics can be a very difficult task. You can find a few resources covering some of the CFD theory basics in our Resources section, but we still think that an hands-on approach is the best way to quickly learn how to work in CFD. For this […]