Delta wing aerodynamics simulation

Delta wings aerodynamics is based on vortex induced lift rather than the classis flow speed difference between the suction side and the pressure side of a conventional profile. Delta wings are typically of simple triangular shape and mostly flat plates, when a delta wing incidence is increased the underside pressure is increased with respect to […]

SimWorks postprocessing with ParaView

ParaView is a free and open-source software devoted to data analysis and visualisation, it can be used to analyse CFD results carried out with OpenFOAM. You can download it from the official website, it is a very powerful software to carry out custom data visualisation and analysis. It can be used to create iso-surfaces, streamlines […]

Best CFD software tutorials

best CFD software tutorials

Best CFD software tutorials for beginners Learning Computational Fluid Dynamics can be a very difficult task. You can find a few resources covering some of the CFD theory basics in our Resources section, but we still think that an hands-on approach is the best way to quickly learn how to work in CFD. For this […]

CFD analysis of pipe flow

cfd analysis of pipe flow

CFD analysis of a pipe flow This tutorial shows how to run a CFD analysis of the flow inside a pipe with multiple inlets using our free CFD software SimWorks. The tutorial will guide you in the setup of the simulation of a pipe with different inlets. The results will show the local pressure distribution […]

CAD import in SimWorks

CAD import in SimWorks SimWorks can import CAD files in IGES (.igs) and STEP (.step) formats. These are common import / export formats available in the majority of CAD software. Whichever CAD software you are using, it is likely that you will have either of the two or both available.  SimWorks has the following main […]

Truck side skirts simulation

truck side skirts cfd simulation

Truck side skirts simulation The truck skirts simulation tutorial looks at the effect of adding side skirts to a typical semi-trailer truck. The simulation is carried using our Computational Fluid Dynamics software SimWorks. Before continuing with this tutorial, we recommend to read and complete at least one base SimWorks advanced tutorial to familiarise with the […]

CFD simulation of drag coefficient of a sphere

sphere drag coefficient CFD analysis

Drag coefficient of a sphere – CFD analysis The drag coefficient of a sphere is calculated using a CFD analysis. The flow around the sphere detaches forming a rear wake which contributes to the high levels of the sphere drag coefficient, typically around 0.2 to 0.5: Sphere wake – CFD simulation completed with SimWorks The […]

Fume extraction simulation

fume extraction simulation using cfd software simworks manager

Fume extraction simulation tutorial Fume extraction is an important topic for the environmental health in a city. A Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation can effectively calculate the effectiveness of the solution chosen and predict in a reliable way the fume pattern and whether it will hit other buildings or affect pedestrians. Once this phase is completed […]

SimWorks manual installation guide

SimWorks Manual Installation Guide on Windows 10 (or newer) The following tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to install manually the prerequisites to run SimWorks. You should not need to use this guide if you install SimWorks with the automatic installer downloaded from the website. Please see the automatic SimWorks installation guide in that case.  This […]

SimWorks installation troubleshooting

SimWorks installation troubleshooting Please find below a collection of the most common issues you can encounter while installing SimWorks and the relevant solution. Cannot download the installer – manual installation guide Depending on your system settings and in particular your Antivirus settings you could not be able to download the installer. The installer is a […]