SimWorks installation troubleshooting

SimWorks installation troubleshooting

Please find below a collection of the most common issues you can encounter while installing SimWorks and the relevant solution.

Windows 10 and antivirus warning messages

Windows 10 can occasionally show warning messages after the SimWorks download is completed, just click on More info in the first page and then on the Run anyway button:

SimWorks comes with a Code Signing certificate, therefore you should no longer see these warning message. If you still get warnings please let us know by contacting us.

Similarly, your antivirus might detect potential threats in our installer executable but you can check the validity of our executables on these websites:

For reference please see the SimWorks security guide

Fatal error on first run

If SimWorks fails to run showing the fatal error message below, it is likely that one of our libraries fails due to an issue when decoding strings.

A possible solution is to update the encoding key in one of our settings files. Please follow the procedure below.

Open a Windows Powershell and type the command:


This will display the system settings related to text encoding. Below is an example of the output:

Please check the HeaderName entry in your output and if this is different from Windows-1252 or ISO-8859-1, you can try to update the file isim_user.cfg that you will find inside the Scripts folder in the SimWorks installation directory. For example:

Please open the file with Notepad by navigating to the path above. In order to see the isim_user.cfg file, you must select All Files as highlighted in the red box below:

Once the file is open, please change the content in the encoding tag (see the highlighted text in the picture below) to the value corresponding to HeaderName of your system.

After the change, save the file, close Notepad and try to restart SimWorks. If you still get the fatal error message, please contact us sending a snapshot of your Windows encoding settings as shown above.

Transferring error during install

If the internet connection drops out during install the installer will show the status as TransientError rather than the usual Transferring and the download process will be hanging:

It is enough to restore your internet connection leaving the install window alone, the downloading process will resume automatically as soon as the internet connection works again and the install process can be completed successfully. 

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