CFD analysis of pipe flow

cfd analysis of pipe flow

CFD analysis of a pipe flow This tutorial shows how to run a CFD analysis of the flow inside a pipe with multiple inlets using our free CFD software SimWorks. The tutorial will guide you in the setup of the simulation of a pipe with different inlets. The results will show the local pressure distribution […]

CFD simulation of drag coefficient of a sphere

sphere drag coefficient CFD analysis

Drag coefficient of a sphere – CFD analysis The drag coefficient of a sphere is calculated using a CFD analysis. The flow around the sphere detaches forming a rear wake which contributes to the high levels of the sphere drag coefficient, typically around 0.2 to 0.5: Sphere wake – CFD simulation completed with SimWorks The […]

Wind load on buildings

wind loads on buildings

Wind load on buildings The wind load on high rise building is calculated using the Cimputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) free software SimWorks. The analysed building is part of a complex of buildings with a shorter one just in front of it. In this case the interaction between the two buildings is important in calculating the […]

SimWorks introduction

simworks free CFD software main gui

An introduction to SimWorks SimWorks has a free CFD software version and a commercial version and is available to download here. SimWorks is designed to be user friendly and includes a fully integrated CFD process from geometry import to results. The pre-processor helps you setup the simulations parameters and boundary conditions for any imported geometry. The […]

Truck aerodynamics simulation

truck aerodynamics simulation

Truck aerodynamics simulation The truck aerodynamics simulation tutorial is completed using SimWorks, which is available to download for free. The tutorial assumes you are already familiar with some basic functionalities of SimWorks, therefore we recommend to complete first at least one of the base level tutorials available. The objectives of this simulation are to evaluate the […]

Glider CFD analysis

Glider CFD analyis - simworks tutorial

CFD analysis of a glider In this tutorial we are going to define a CFD simulation of a glider flying horizontally at a speed of 90 Km/h (55 mph). This tutorial is providing a step-by-step guide to the user to start using SimWorks. Please also find a detailed installation guide Pressure field on the surface […]