SimWorks Advanced Introduction

Introduction to SimWorks (advanced features) This tutorial introduced some new functionalities of SimWorks and expands what has been already described in the SimWorks introduction tutorial. If you have not done it yet, we strongly recommend reading the introduction tutorial before proceeding futher. Create a new simulation Create a single simulation within a Geometry In the […]

Best CFD software tutorials

best CFD software tutorials

Best CFD software tutorials for beginners Learning Computational Fluid Dynamics can be a very difficult task. You can find a few resources covering some of the CFD theory basics in our Resources section, but we still think that an hands-on approach is the best way to quickly learn how to work in CFD. For this […]

Trailer skirts aerodynamics

trailer skirts cfd simulation aerodynamic effect

Trailer skirts aerodynamics One of the main contributors to fuel consumption on a heavy-goods vehicle like a truck is the aerodynamic resistance (drag) due to its shape. A truck generates a large wake behind the trailer and poor quality flow on the underside. One way to improve air flow quality of underside is to include […]

Airborne disease transmission simulation

Airborne disease transmission simulation

Airborne disease transmission Airborne disease transmission is a transmission mode where the disease is spread via droplets which are the result of sneezing, coughing or talking. While most of the droplets released tend to naturally drop on the floor, many of those particles lose a portion of their water content via evaporation and reach sizes […]

Negative pressure rooms and positive pressure rooms

negative pressure room CFD simulation

Negative pressure rooms and positive pressure rooms Pressure controlled rooms, with positive or negative pressure, are used to contain the dispersion of contaminants and to protect certain areas of a building from the contaminant spreading. These rooms are mainly used in hospitals and chemical factories to isolate certain rooms which contain hazardous products and protect […]

Wind energy calculation

offshore wind turbines in the distance

Wind energy calculation is the analysis of the conversion of the wind kinetic energy into electric energy via a wind turbine. In combination with solar energy and hydroelectric energy, wind energy is one of the main renewable energy sources available. Wind turbines assembled together forming a wind farm Wind energy calculation equation To calculate the […]

Wind load calculation

Wind load on buildings

Wind load calculation is required when buildings and structures are exposed to strong winds in order to evaluate the level of load they will experience during their service life as a consequence of the wind pressure. Wind loads can be very significant, especially in high rise buildings and in geographical areas that are subject to […]