SimWorks setup

Now SimWorks has been installed, the following step is to setup OpenFOAM on your machine, again the installer will carry those out automatically:

  1. Once completed the installer will ask to reboot the machine, this is required to enable WSL. SimWorks should start automatically after that, if not just start it from the installation folder. The first step is to run the Setup, this is the operation where our OpenFOAM distribution is installed in WSL and can take from 20mins to 1hr depending on the hard drive speed (much faster in SSD machines)
  2. When the software is used for the first time it will give you the option of registering it. The Registration is free and optional, we recommend to do that so that you can get early access to pre-release versions of SimWorks and to new documentation and tutorials. 
  3. When you first use the software the Windows firewall will ask you to give permission to the OpenFOAM solvers to access the internet, please click yes, you can find more info in our SimWorks security page.
  4. Enjoy SimWorks! Please also do not forget to give us feedback about how you are finding it!
simworks free cfd software internal flow application

Flow inside a pipe showing the flow energy level

Glider CFD analyis - simworks tutorial

Complete glider simulation showing the pressure plot on the glider surface