SimWorks News

News about SimWorks including new releases, features and bug fixes. Also link to the most up to date tutorials and examples.

SimWorks 20.06.013 released!

Expanded the part selection capability in the boundary conditions layering with a more intuitive user interface. Feedback on part names in the names layering. Installation bug resolved.

SimWorks 20.06.012 released!

Install procedure update with new download status check and improved general install reliability. New stability improvement in the SimWorks startup phase, solved a bug for the licence update to SimWorks Manager.

SimWorks 20.06.011 released!

Fixed a bug found when importing geometries from paths with special character in them. Minor improvements in the installation process.

SimWorks 20.06.010 released!

Improved reliability with not standard characters for users around the world. Streamlined installation procedure with all the installers timestamped and certified.

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